Jan and Paul De Haan...aka the Jolina twins were two Dutch pioneers who first introduced diner culture to Europe. After countless journeys through the back roads of America searching for vintage Americana antiques, collectibles and diner related items, Jan and Paul de Haan started their company Jolina Product, importing and exporting vintage furniture, design items and collectibles from America’s Golden Age.


When American furniture DAYSTROM closed their plant in 1996, the Jolina twins took over their Bel Air collection and moved production over the pond. The Bel Air collection has a rich heritage in American design with most of the collection being created by Raymond Loewy, the designer responsible for the Studebaker Champion and Lucky Strike logo &  Walter D. Teague responsible for the Kodak Camera & steel legged Steinway piano. To this day Bel Air celebrates these iconic designers and their timeless designs through fun and functional furniture with a post-modern twist.


From George and Jerry having a morning coffee, Tony Soprano's final scene & John Travolta's dance-off in Pulp Fiction; diner culture lives on and symbolises an American era full of connections, cross-sections, optimism & creativity. This much loved ‘Fifties’ style of interior design has found its place in todays modern interiors by capturing this optimism, ingenuity and style through these timeless Bel Air designs. The fifties….. The diner…… the furniture lives on.