In the 1980s, twin brothers Paul and Jan de Haan were pioneers in importing American 50s Design to Europe and introduced “diner culture” to the continent. Known as the Jolina Twins - they collected Jukeboxes, petrol pomps, Coca-Cola machines and all sorts of 50s decoration, on their numerous road trips to the States. They also started importing American Diner furniture from the South Boston based Daystrom company. When the Daystrom plant closed in the 90’s the Jolina Twins moved the production of what is now known as Bel Air furniture to Europe and South East Asia importing and exporting vintage furniture, design items and collectibles from America’s Golden Age. We proudly design our collection in Amsterdam and still manufacture under our own label ever since.


When American furniture Daystrom closed their plant in 1996, the Jolina twins took over their collection and moved production over the pond. The Bel Air collection has a rich heritage in American design with most of the collection being created by Raymond Loewy, the designer responsible for the Studebaker Champion and Lucky Strike logo &  Walter D. Teague responsible for the Kodak Camera & steel legged Steinway piano. To this day Bel Air celebrates these iconic designers and their timeless designs through fun and functional furniture with a post-modern twist.

The combination of long established manufacturing and Bel Air’s design innovation results in furniture that is both aesthetically captivating and enduring. With Bel Air customers can choose from a variety of styles and colors to design a modern and creative interior or to recreate the “fabulous fifties” in their own breakfast room, dinette or living room. Sturdy durable steel chrome frames and high-pressure laminate table tops ensure the highest quality.


Apart from minor design adjustments, in quality and comfort improvements, a large part of the collection has remained almost the same as the original models designed by Loewy and co. with the use of the original materials. We not only prioritise design aesthetics but also place a strong focus on comfort and functionality. Bel Air’s design philosophy is about creating furniture that is not only stylish and aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable, functional, and built to last. The brand's chairs, sofas, and other seating arrangements are designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring that whoever is using it can relax and unwind in style.

Bel Air proudly designs their furniture in Amsterdam and manufactures under their own label, handcrafted and made to order pieces. By maintaining the manufacturing of the products as well as quality control under their own management, we can not only create the highest quality furniture but ensure the best prices.